Level Designer

  • Full-time.
  • Preferably on site in Gothenburg, Sweden - although remote work is possible as well.
  • Fluent level English is required. Fluent level Swedish is preferred.

We’re looking for a Level Designer to create levels for our singleplayer, story-driven, stealth, puzzling game. As a Level Designer at River End Games you will be working with direction from the Creative Director and Writer to bring the game and its world to life. You’ll be in charge of taking the levels you work on from the concept stage all the way to final polish. To help you achieve this, you’ll be working closely with our artists, animators, programmers and sound designers.

Work responsibilities are to

  • be fully responsible for the level you work on, taking it from high level concept to a fully polished final result.
  • work in Unreal Engine to create the layout of the level and its puzzles. 
  • script AI and set up custom sequences and scenarios as needed for each segment of the level.
  • work in an iterative process where blockouts and playtests will be a big part of your work pipeline.
  • merge the narrative and gameplay in a seamless and intriguing way so the player can’t tell where the narrative ends and the gameplay begins.
  • create fun, diverse, challenging and innovative gameplay for the player to overcome.

To be successful in this position

  • you have experience in working on single player games with a strong focus on narrative.
  • you have experience with Unreal engine 4, especially Blueprints.
  • you have a strong analytical mind that allows you to see opportunities in game systems.
  • you are skilled at creating interesting environments that are easy to read, understand and follow as a player.
  • you are skilled at creating and combining different gameplay elements into new constellations to keep the player challenged in new ways throughout the game.
  • you are able to come up with viable scenarios and mini-events to anchor the gameplay in the world and make it come alive.
  • you are able to work with level design on a conceptual pen-and-paper level.

It's a plus in this position if

  • you are able to keep many gameplay factors in your head at once without losing sight of how they affect each other.
  • you are able to work with time constraints, timeboxing exercises and brainstorming.

Why work at River End Games?

You will be an integral part of creating a new IP, shaping the game to give the most enjoyment possible to the end user. We promise that you won’t be a small cog in a big machine but rather the other way around.

  • Competitive salary.
  • Very generous bonus system.
  • 6 weeks paid vacation per year.
  • Pension on top of salary.
  • Yearly wellness benefit.
  • Office located in central Gothenburg.

To apply, send your application to jobs@riverendgames.com. Send your application with a resumé, portfolio and cover letter in either English or Swedish.

Please feel free to get in touch with us even if your skillset or experience doesn’t completely match the criteria listed above, but that you still feel you would be a great candidate for the role.